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Effects of Excessive Localization in SERPs

What if the SERPs contain reults too much localised reults?

It has been seen quite often in search result pages (SERPs) that websites with local domains like .ca, .us, .uk, .in etc. seam to rank higher than their peers on .com domains. I do not think it is the best approach to reduce search engine spam by limiting (to some extent) the users search result pages with localized results. To reduce search engine spam this approach is in no way the best practice at all. We have to keep in mind the basic purpose of the Internet, it provides a global platform right at your desktop, if we have to see local results on Internet even, then what is wrong with local newspapers and other local sources of information. Let me elaborate this point further, ask yourself the very basic question, Why users use search engines?

I think they the most obvious reason for most people is to look for information whether it is for buying purpose or a research or assignment. Most people use search engines to look for information e.g. before making a purchase people often look for the reputation of certain companies or brands and they like to read some reviews for certain products. Why they do this? simply because it is easy to find information on Internet and to spend a minute or two for research, before making a purchase is not so much difficult.

Now, this similar approach is used by business owners when they wish to look for suppliers or buyers accross the globe. The point i want to mention is that users not only want localised search results but they pay much attention to international view and opinion also.

If search engines will start filling top results with localised information then it will be a bit of frustration for the users who are looking g for global search, either for business or for information. IF too much companies and individuals are now "in" in SEO then this does not necessarily mean that search engines should simply block SEOs by limiting the users to localised approach, rather the users should get the best information, no matter, whether it is local or international. And I also think  it is in no way hindering SEOs anymore.

I know the situation is not yet as critical as I have emphasized it now, but I fear that these search engines may start filling our SERPs with too much local search results, and then we have to wait for an other giant search engine to provide us international results. !

I would love to have your feedback on this issue, thanks.

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Mohsin Khawaja is a Internet Marketing Manager at Intellectual Works.He occasionally writes on various IT topics along with various SEO, SEM and Internet Marketing articles.