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Taguchi testing Basics & Comparison of Taguchi testing with A/B testing

Taguchi Testing Method:

Dr. Genichi Taguchi was the founder of Taguchi Testing Method, developed 50 years ago ,it is a statistical method originally used to optimize automobile and other product manufacturing. Recently, The Taguchi Method is being applied to Landing Page Optimization and is often regarded as “Multivariate Testing”

What is special about Taguchi and Multivariate Testing:

Multivariate testing has many different forms, depending on what you are trying to achieve. Taguchi testing is a subset of multivariate and is generally recognised to be the best place to start your calculations.

Usually with traditional A/B split tests you can test two versions of one variable, typical A/B split tests are limited to - headline A vs. headline B - or a price test among $99, $199 and $299 etc. Split testing is testing version A versus version B, if we explain it simply.

With Taguchi test methodology you test not one but many variables and in a relatively short time.e.g. you can test various elements like : three pre-heads, six headlines, three subheads, three salutations (e.g., "Dear Home Builder" vs. "Dear Lumber Buyer" vs. "Dear Wood Trader"), three lead paragraphs, three visuals (e.g., a product photo vs. a photo of the inventor vs. a photo of a happy customer), three guarantees and three calls to action.etc., at once.

Sorting out and pre-planning is what Taguchi testing is all about. Think of Taguchi testing as advanced split testing with many different combinations pre-planned. It was originally designed to test factory production lines. What Taguchi can’t tell you is what relationship all of the variables have to each other outside those preplanned combinations. So essentially, it’s split testing with more versions.

With specialized Taguchi testing software, each unique visitor to the site sees the landing page with a different combination of the elements being tested. Results are measured, tabulated and analyzed. Reports are generated to show which headline pulled best, which lead paragraph pulled best, which visual pulled best and so on.

However, to do Taguchi testing, you need to write complete copy for your landing page along with the elements listed above: the six headlines, three subheads and so on

conversion rises incrementally for each variable: e.g., a 20 percent lift in orders for the best headline, a 17 percent increase in conversion for the best lead and so on. By incorporating the winning versions of all variables tested in the final landing page, Taguchi testing can double, triple, even quadruple the conversion rate of your landing pages.

Traffic Requirements:

Typically, you want at least 1,000 unique visits per test cell. Depending on the number of test cells, you need 12,000 to 20,000 visits for a full test.

Benefits: This means you find out, more quickly, what parts of your sales page are converting- and which aren’t. Knowing how to use and apply the Taguchi method can hours of time and thousands of dollars in testing.

I have benefited from following articles specially, among many others, to prepare this article. I am thankful to the repsective authors.

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