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In the ever-growing field of IT, one has to keep pace with the emerging technologies and stay up-to-date. During the last decade the filed of IT has expanded so much that you can’t be an expert at everything. You have to select a track for yourself, look for the certifications recognized and accepted by the industry, and get on with it. Certifications are the measure of your ability and specially knowledge in some specific area. They not only add a star on your resume, but also give you an edge in this ever-growing and evolving field. And not to forget, it does add up in your promotion and salary raises. Cisco Networking Certifications: As an IT Professional, if you are looking to pursue your career in the field of networking and specifically to indulge in the vast market of Cisco based networking products, The Cisco Certified Network Associate or the CCNA is a certif... (more)

IBM - The Company

Background: (IBM) international Business Machines Corporation is a multinational computer technology and consulting corporation which is nicknamed “Big Blue.” IBM manufactures computer hardware and software and offers infrastructure services, hosting and consulting services. IBM is one of the most largest and profitable company with over 350,000 employees. IBM holds more than enough patents and has eight research laboratories’ around the globe. With an exceptional workforce in over 170 countries they have won three Nobel Prize, four Turing awards, five National Medal of Technol... (more)

Taguchi testing Basics & Comparison of Taguchi testing with A/B testing

Taguchi Testing Method: Dr. Genichi Taguchi was the founder of Taguchi Testing Method, developed 50 years ago ,it is a statistical method originally used to optimize automobile and other product manufacturing. Recently, The Taguchi Method is being applied to Landing Page Optimization and is often regarded as “Multivariate Testing” What is special about Taguchi and Multivariate Testing: Multivariate testing has many different forms, depending on what you are trying to achieve. Taguchi testing is a subset of multivariate and is generally recognised to be the best place to start your... (more)

First Lesson In SEO

Although it is a first lesson in SEO, but believe me, as far as my experience is concerned, this is the lesson that most seo's learn in the last and the hard way i.e. after many failures. Remember the purpose of SEO is not to SPAM or Dodge search engines nor to fool the internet searcher. SEO is a very responsible task that requires deep thinking and long term focus, rather than short trem benefits. First Lesson: Know Your Audience The fist and foremost thing that you should focus with all web-site design, the best objective for your site, is to help your visitors achieve a desire... (more)

Do Not Build a Website, Build an Online Business

Ever since the burst of Dot-Com bubble, everyone is rushing towards creating a website, blog or any other sort of online presence like social media profiles. It is seems to be virtually impossible to count the number of these online profiles being created with every passing second. Although it has helped people and business in many ways but the most successful ones are ones who have planned themselves well ahead of their peers. Building an online portfolio with services listed is not the best strategy today, because only just creating a website do not pay the bills nor do blog... (more)